First month in and lots of new features

Apr 18, 2014

We have received tons of great feedback from our users. In fact many, of the new feature ideas have originated from them. Thanks!

Automatic Movement Tracking

Automatically track and map each movement and weight. It makes it really easy to see your progressions over time.

Mobile Enhancements

Image Most of our members use BoxBoard while they are at the box. We’ve improved our mobile design and performance.

Private Scores

Image There are some days we just show up and don’t compete. Check in to participate, but keep your score to yourself.


Image The leaderboard is in and it’s awesome! See how you compare and who’s in the lead anytime.

“How’d it feel?” and Notes

Image For each workout you can add personal notes about the workout as well as how it felt.

Additional Features

  • Set Workout to Post Later
  • Rep Scheme Calculation
  • Automatic Abbreviated Workout Description
  • User Avatars